Are you brave enough to explore all the way to the very top of each haunted house?

Haunted has you creeping and sneaking through maze-like rooms, with monsters and traps to avoid and treasure to find.

Take all the time you want, but for each move you make, the monsters get a move, and if they catch you, you’re… going to have to restart the room!

Escape the room to earn a star, grab all the possible treasure along the way to earn another – but for the third star can you solve the room in the lowest number of steps? Undo your steps or restart each room as many times as you like to find that elusive perfect solution!

Show your bravery and cunning by earning enough stars to unlock the next trickier house with more monsters to outwit!


  • A street with 6 houses and 80 increasingly challenging puzzles to solve
  • Four different monsters out to get you, each with their own way of moving
  • Undo and Reset Room options
  • Star ratings for each room – hop back in to any room you’ve tried before to get a better rating

Where to get it

Haunted is not currently available, as it is awaiting a major update to support new devices and OS versions.

Explorer’s Guide To Haunted

JessHi!  I’m Jess, brave explorer, thrill seeker, and not at all afraid of things that go bump in the night. Nope, not one bit!  It’s the things that bite and gnash you have to be afraid of!

I’ve heard that nobody can find their way through all of the haunted houses to find their way through to the end, and that sounds like a challenge!

I like to step cautiously though – one step at a time and escape through cunning! That’s where you come in!  Tell me where to move by tapping next to me on the screen and I’ll move in that direction.  However, each time I move, any monsters in the room will move too, and they’re all tougher than me, so we have to avoid them!

Guide me from room to room, by getting me to the exit, and I’ll earn a star!   If there is any treasure in the room to find, and you can get me out while getting all of the treasure, then it’s two stars – good going!

Every puzzle is different, but each one can be solved with patience. If you can help me to the exit, still getting all of the treasure and avoiding the monsters and traps, in the absolute minimum number of moves, then that’s a three star rating! The ultimate aim is to conquer every house with three stars in each room, but that’s quite a tall order! Good job we can retry and restart as often as we like…

Now, let me introduce you to some of the inhabitants of Creepy Street!

Zombie Terrified of Zombies? You don’t have to be!

These guys move only one step at a time, just the same as me, and they are dumber than a box of rocks.

They always walk towards me horizontally if they can, vertically if they can’t, and are so stupid they’ll get trapped behind a wall or even a table. In fact, that’s the best way to defeat them – get them trapped behind something and make a clean getaway!

SkeletonSkeletons are like zombies, but much faster (probably because they’re hungrier, this poor guy looks like he missed breakfast for a year!).

They move two times for every one I do, which makes them impossible to outrun, but still easy to outwit.

Like zombies they move horizontally first if they can, so you can outwit them by having them move behind walls or even into pits!

Skeletons are tougher than zombies, so if you can get them to collide, the skeleton will come out of it better!

Mummies are not just accident prone, they’re positively dangerous to themselves and anyone nearby!

Like Skeletons they move twice for every one step I take, but they try to move vertically to close the distance first.

They’re tough enough to knock out a skeleton if they meet, so figure this in to your plans!


Some say he’s on a noble quest to find a lost contact lens…

Some say he runs on clockwork and is looking for a milky drink to help him unwind…

Some say he moves one step at a time, and takes one round to do an about turn every time he walks up to an obstacle…

Some even say he’s tougher than Chuck Norris riding a T-Rex…

All we know is, he’s called The Knight!