• 12 classic solitaire games in one easy pack
  • Options galore – set up each game the way you like it
  • Option to choose to give solvable games
  • Large selection of backgrounds and card backs to choose from, and three styles of card faces. Have it look the way you want it to look!
  • Hints, undo and redo, highlighting, dragging options and everything you’d expect from a best-of-deck card game!
  • Fantastic golden trophy deck to unlock by achieving various items within the games – unlock the whole deck and you can choose to play with it too!

Solitaire fans – look no further, this is the game you need!

Where to get it

Astraware Solitaire is now a free download on the Apple and Google Play stores – look for version 2.20 or later!

The game allows you to play for free with occasional ads (which won’t interrupt your current game!), or the option to purchase to fully unlock and go ad-free.

On the Amazon App Store, Solitaire is currently a paid product – we are working on making it a free download soon!

I thought Astraware did a fantastic job with their selection of games. They had a pretty even mix of difficulty levels, as well as some games based on skill and others based on luck.


Astraware Solitaire comes with 12 of the most popular Solitaire games! Each one can be adjusted to your preferences, including number of redeals, how many cards turned over per tap, intelligent (one-touch) card movement, and much more!

Set up your table the way you like it with custom card fronts, bard backs, backgrounds, and the option to mirror the layout if you prefer!

Astraware Solitaire Goes Free!

Astraware Solitaire was launched as a paid product, but over time more players prefer to download and try games first, so along with our other puzzle games, we have converted Solitaire to a free download, with the option to play with occasional ads and stay free, or a single in-app purchase to unlock the game permanently to be deluxe and ad-free.

All previous purchasers getting the new version (2.20 or later) as an update will have their version automatically unlocked, and shouldn’t see any difference!

If you have previously purchased as a full version, and the game is now showing you heart tokens to earn, and ads when these are all used, it may be that you have changed account (or logged out) since you originally purchased.  Please log in to your Apple or Google Play account on your device so that Solitaire can check back and confirm the purchase (and unlock again!).  If you have any further problems after doing this, get in touch with us via the in-game support and we will make sure it is resolved for you.