• 12 classic solitaire games in one easy pack
  • Options galore – set up each game the way you like it
  • Option to choose to give solvable games
  • Large selection of backgrounds and card backs to choose from, and three styles of card faces. Have it look the way you want it to look!
  • Hints, undo and redo, highlighting, dragging options and everything you’d expect from a best-of-deck card game!
  • Fantastic golden trophy deck to unlock by achieving various items within the games – unlock the whole deck and you can choose to play with it too!

Solitaire fans – look no further, this is the game you need!

Where to get it

Doug Goldring

I thought Astraware did a fantastic job with their selection of games. They had a pretty even mix of difficulty levels, as well as some games based on skill and others based on luck.

Doug GoldringJust Another Mobile Monday


Astraware Crosswords offers 45 puzzles in 3 different grid sizes and 3 graded difficulty levels. You also get unlimited access to download and play a new Daily puzzle each day – top the global leaderboard by completing the puzzle in the fastest time! For more of a challenge there is a Weekender puzzle available each Friday with a bigger grid and a few more challenging clues, perfect for solving leisurely on Saturday or Sunday morning, or even on Friday afternoon!

If you wish to play offline, there is also an option to buy extra puzzle packs for you to keep on your device!

With Astraware Crosswords you can play conveniently no matter where you are!