Join our Beta Testing Team!

Astraware has had an active beta testing team since 1998, in the days of the Palm Pilot, and many of our testers have stayed with us as they’ve upgraded through different kinds of devices and are still testing today!

We are now running our beta tests from a Facebook group, and we share our playable games using TestFlight, which allows us to provide new builds of iOS and Android games directly to the testers’ devices! As well as being a usual part of many people’s daily routines, having a facebook group allows our beta testers to more easily become linked friends with each other, which of course helps as when our games include a ‘play against a friend’ feature! You’ll need to click to ‘join’ the group if you haven’t already been sent an invitation.

For our iOS tests, you’ll need to install the TestFlight app which is a free download in the Apple store, and then let us know your email address so we can send you an invitation for each new game.

For Google Play (Android) tests, we’ll ask for you to join our Google + Community for beta testing. We will make posts there with a link for each new game to try, and you can opt in for any you are interested in.

If you’re a new tester, we’d be pleased to have you aboard! We no longer require an NDA to join (as our games are no longer Top Secret! ) and all we ask is that testers have access to their own appropriate device, don’t mind testing games which may not be completely stable, and are willing to feed back on bugs and suggestions in a polite manner! (We embrace constructive criticism and differences of opinion, but for the sake of the group we reserve the right to remove or edit posts if necessary, or even remove members from the group.)