Welcome to the Logo Museum! Here we’re gathering together some of the company logos we’ve used throughout our company’s history (and into pre-history)…

Astraware Logos

Valentine’s Day 2007 logo:

Here is the Halloween 2006 version of our logo:

…and the International Talk Like A Pirate 2006 version:

Here’s the current logo in its normal style. Originally the planet logo was in white, but we added the shading to distinguish the planet from the name. The new logo is designed to be easily readable and recognisable in both very small (smartphone screen) and very large (print media) sizes.

This is the original Astraware logo, created in 1999 when we first set up astraware.com. The planet this time was created in Ray Dream Studio.

ASTRAsoft Logos

Before we were Astraware, we were ASTRAsoft, creating software for the Atari ST range of home computers. The planet was created using an early version of POV Ray.

Back in the really olden days (about 1995), we couldn’t afford color:

Finally, here’s the original ASTRAsoft logo sketched in about 1990 on an Acorn Archimedes. Somehow it feels like we’ve come full circle with the planet logo…