Astraware Releases First Three Microsoft® Certified Game Titles for Smartphone Devices

The Midlands, England (May 28, 2003) – – Astraware Limited announces the release of its first game titles for the Microsoft® Smartphone platform, bringing three of its top selling games for Pocket PC and Palm Powered handhelds to the next generation of wireless handhelds.

The three initial titles, Seven Seas, Mummy Maze and Atomica, have each earned official Microsoft certification, are graphically superb conversions of games originally developed by PopCap. Each game has been designed to run smoothly on the new Microsoft® Smartphone platform.

  • Seven Seas gives players the opportunity to navigate a ship through hazardous waters, avoiding pirates, reefs, and even sea monsters.
  • Mummy Maze players must outsmart a vengeful mummy while guiding an explorer through the mazes inside a pyramid.
  • Atomica enables players to assume the role of mad scientists in Dr. Atomica’s Laboratory, creating atomic power by moving atoms to create larger and larger molecules without blowing up the lab.
  • “We are thrilled about expanding our product line to the Microsoft® Smartphone platform, enabling users of these devices to experience the same addiction as Palm OS® and Pocket PC device owners already do,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware Limited. “While users of these devices are buying them with the purpose of increasing their productivity on the go, we will gladly provide them with the games that are sure to fill all that extra time.

    Seven Seas, Mummy Maze and Atomica are available now for all models of Smartphones, and are priced US$14.95 at the Astraware website