Astraware Rolls Out GTS Racing Challenge for Pocket PC Platform Handhelds

Astraware delivers Pazzazz Games? critically-acclaimed 3D auto racing game to Pocket PC devices

The Midlands, England (July 18, 2003) – – Astraware Ltd and Pazzazz Games are launching a new Pocket PC version of the popular Palm OS auto racing game, GTS Racing Challenge. The game is a 3D racing game that delivers console-quality visuals and game-play to Pocket PC handhelds.

After GTS Racing Challenge was first released, the media universally applauded the game for its excellent graphics and game-play. BargainPDA commented, ?Astraware is behind another great game–this time it’s the best looking racing game the Palm OS has ever seen,? while Aximsite remarked, ?No other racing games that are currently available on Pocket PC even come close to this one.?

The game-play of GTS Racing Challenge is similar to SNES / Game Boy Advance titles like F-Zero or Mario Kart, but with large, realistic car sprites rendered in full color from 3D models. Both the players? view and cars are free to rotate in 3D, and the raceway is fully texture-mapped. The cars race along roadways with photo-realistic skylines. The game offers a wide variety of racing options, including 32 separate racetracks and three different super-charged models of GTS race cars. Players will enjoy power sliding around corners, skidding into a U-turn for a sudden change of direction, or even cranking the wheel and ?doing doughnuts? on the spot. Taken together, these features put GTS Racing Challenge at the cutting edge of PDA games.

?GTS Racing Challenge has already wowed the media and consumers alike as the most playable and thrilling car racing game available for the Palm OS,? said Howard Tomlinson, Astraware?s CEO. ?Bringing this title to Pocket PCs will excite fans who have been eagerly awaiting the first quality race driving game for the platform.?

Astraware has long been recognized as one of the top producers of PDA games while Pazzazz Games enjoys a solid reputation for developing 3D games for console game systems and PDAs. Astraware and Pazzazz Games first worked together in 2002 to develop a more advanced racing game than had ever before been available for Palm Powered? handhelds, resulting in the launch of the original GTS Racing Challenge for Palm OS in February of 2003.