Astraware and Sandlot Games Bring South Seas Trading to your PDA.

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND – August 2nd, 2004 – Astraware, today announces the release of their first conversion of a Sandlot Games title, the highly anticipated Tradewinds for Windows Mobile? for Pocket PC and Palm Powered? Handhelds.

Tradewinds lets players captain their own flotilla of ships to exotic locations and trade goods with merchants to make a tidy profit. The aim of the game is to become famously rich, whether by careful trading, by sending scurvy pirate dogs to the bottom of the sea, or maybe a mix of both! While their ships are being repaired players can also relax on shore leave with a round of brews at the local alehouse where drinks (and game tips) are always on tap.

“This is the title trading game fans have been waiting for,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware, “with gameplay moving as quickly or as slowly as you like, you can take time to consider strategy or race to acquire wealth and glory. The choice of characters means you can play as an honest trader, a smuggler, or even rule the waves and out-gun the pirates ? all at your own pace.”

As players swashbuckle their way around the Tradewinds world they will experience high quality graphics and enthralling gameplay, as everyone has come to expect from an Astraware conversion, along with an exciting new implementation of the Aurora Audio Engine? allowing for players to hear stereo enhanced sound effects and music that ensure an even more immersive experience. A choice of four intriguing characters ? each with their own benefits and disadvantages ? is available to the player.

“We are excited to take Tradewinds to the handheld platform. Now players can take all of the intrigue and adventure of the original PC hit game with them on their PDA,” said Daniel Bernstein, President and CEO of Sandlot Games, “and we are thrilled to partner with Astraware to bring this much-anticipated conversion to market.”

Tradewinds is available for Windows Mobile? for Pocket PC 2002 and above plus Palm OS® powered devices, from Astraware?s website at priced $19.95.