Explore new worlds on the go with Mazera

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND ? November 8th 2004 ? Astraware and California?s Cold River Studios are pleased to announce Mazera, a combination of role playing game and puzzle-solving adventure set on the futuristic planet named Mazera.

Mazera is a perfect PDA role playing game, hours of entertainment that you can play just one room at a time,” said Howard Tomlinson, Astraware?s CEO. “Being easy to learn, simple to play, and with cute animated characters, Mazera will appeal to a wide audience including many who might not have time for playing a heavier style RPG on their desktop PC at home.

Players take on the persona of Ix. Kidnapped as a young boy by the Mazerians and put on display in their alien zoo, one day Ix manages to escape his cage. In order to find his way home he travels through a range of alien landscapes, each with dozens of rooms to traverse, solving puzzles and collecting elements to aid his escape. Along the way he meets friends who offer clues and enemies who must be out-witted for him to survive.

Astraware has been an outstanding publishing partner for this title,” said Justin Clark, Project Lead for Mazera at Cold River Studios. “Their QA and testing department has been incredibly responsive, and by making use of their flexible Aurora Audio Engine™ for music and sound we were able to focus more on gameplay and graphics. This has helped Mazera reach a level of quality that we think players will appreciate.

Mazera is available for Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC and Palm OS® handhelds. Players who own HiRes+ Palm devices will be pleased to note that Mazera utilises the full 480×320 screen. Mazera comes complete with an original atmospheric stereo soundtrack, optimised by Astraware?s Aurora Audio Engine™.

Mazera will be available from November 8th 2004 for Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC and Palm OS® devices at Astraware’s website, www.astraware.com, priced $29.95.

About Astraware Limited

Founded in 1994, Astraware Limited, Handango’s Palm OS Developer of the Year 2004, develops shareware games and utilities. The company provides a range of products available for mobile devices, including the popular Zap!2000. Astraware’s Bejeweled game was named as the Best Handheld Game for 2001 by Handheld Computing Magazine and Handango’s Game of the Year 2003. Handheld gaming enthusiasts have downloaded more than 30 million copies of Astraware’s products, and the company has customers in over 100 countries. For more information, visit http://www.astraware.com.

About Cold River Studios

Cold River Studios is a developer of original, high-quality game titles for handheld computers. They were founded in February 2000 and have an office right in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. For more information, contact Justin Clark at jclark@coldriverstudios.com.