Astraware and PopCap announce the release of Bejeweled 2 for handheld devices

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND – December 6th, 2004 – Astraware and PopCap are pleased to announce that the waiting is over – the most highly-anticipated PDA games release of the year – Bejeweled 2 for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC – will be available from Monday 6th December.

Bejeweled 2, the sequel to the biggest selling PDA game of all time, is finally here and it has been worth the wait! Bejeweled 2 mirrors all the awe-inspiring features of its desktop bigger brother, including four standard play modes; classic, action, endless and the all-new puzzle mode, together with five special bonus modes which are unlocked as rewards for players as they progress through the game.

Bejeweled 2 features all new graphics, stunning background images, in-game transitions and cutting-edge special effects. The game will captivate both the die-hard Bejeweled fan and new players coming to the Bejeweled experience for the first time. Enthusiastic early responses from the media include:

“This is without doubt one of the best games I have played on any platform and is worth 10 times the asking price. Perfect, just so perfect!” – Shaun McGill, PDA 247.

“Astraware not only upholds its standards of excellence with B2, it raises its own bar. With the graphics and gameplay we’re treated to with B2, it makes you wonder what else Astraware has up its sleeve.” – Alan Williams, Daily Gadget.

“As you can see, you can improve on perfection and that is certainly the case with this game.” – David Eaton, freelance journalist.

Astraware have ensured that PDA owners everywhere will be able to experience Bejeweled 2 at its best, with versions for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC. The Palm OS® version will include support for Hi-Res+ devices utilising the full screen to show more of the gorgeous backgrounds. The Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC version will also support VGA Pocket PC devices, displaying the game in glorious 640×480 resolution. A version for Windows Mobile™ for Smartphone will follow early in 2005.

Bejeweled 2 will be available from Astraware’s website, priced $19.95.

Astraware awarded ‘Best Use of Wireless Network for Stand-Alone Application’ for Codewords

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND ? December 3rd 2004 ? Astraware are proud to announce that they were awarded the ?Best Use of Wireless Network for Stand-Alone Application? Award at the recent PalmSource Code Camp. The event was held in France for Palm OS developers and the Smartphone Application Contest was hosted by PalmSource in conjunction with Orange.

Astraware?s winning application is entitled Codewords. The game is described as a brain puzzler that tests your word mastery to new limits. Given a single three letter clue word you must use your wit and intelligence to deduce which numbers correspond to which letters in order to fill in the game board.

Puzzles are generated on the fly from a central server and delivered over the air guaranteeing a fresh challenge every time you play. Codewords aficionados can compete with one another in a race to complete the specially generated competition puzzles or jostle for the top spots in the online high score tables.

Codewords features:

  • On-the-fly puzzle generation
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Music and sound effects
  • Online high score tables
  • Compete in the race to complete special competition puzzles

Codewords is currently in early development to be released in 2005. For further information or to sign up for the preview mailing list, visit