Meet Slyder and his crew in the brand new game from Astraware and Sandlot Games

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND – August 17th, 2005 – Astraware and Sandlot Games, the team that brought you Tradewinds, are delighted to introduce you to Super Slyder™ for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ devices. With its truly addictive nature and easy-to-play style, Super Slyder™ has impressed critics and fans alike, making it the must-have puzzler for the casual game audience.

Guide Slyder, our adorable, spherical hero, through a world of over 200 increasingly difficult mazes, using strategy and foresight. Along the way meet friends and foes, including the sociable Boffo, the angry Unger, the immobile Reginald, and the explosive Sparky, who will try to help or hinder Slyder?s progress. Your powers of logic are the only thing that will help get Slyder to his destination and on to the next level.

“We are very excited to bring Super Slyder™ to the handheld market,” said Daniel Bernstein, President and CEO of Sandlot Games. “Partnering with Astraware allows us to introduce the sequel to Slyder, an already well established franchise, to handheld users looking for the most challenging and rewarding game experience available.?

Super Slyder™ eases the player into the game with a full tutorial explaining how to play. To advance from level to level, players must guide Slyder through a series of mazes by using the stylus or directional keys. But be careful, once Slyder starts moving he will continue in that direction until he is stopped by an obstacle or the edge of the maze. This colorful, fun puzzle game is easy to start, but so addictive you won’t want to stop playing.

Super Slyder™ has already proved to be a big hit with Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC and Smartphone press:

“A cool game that will keep you intrigued. This is the type of game that you just can’t put down!” – Jack Cook, Dave’s Ipaq

“It?s one of those “Oh, I can beat this easily” games which rapidly prove you wrong. This is an exceptional brainteaser which gets better and better as you play it. It’s the ultimate in compulsive gaming – you can pick Super Slyder™ up and start playing so easily, yet it seems impossible to put down. Top work Astraware.” – Leigh Geary,

Super Slyder™ supports multiple resolutions and is available for Palm OS®, Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. This is the first Astraware release with full screen support for Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC “square screen” handhelds and with QGVA screens on Windows Mobile™ for Smartphone devices. Get Super Slyder from the Astraware website now.