Astraware Announces Support for Mobile Linux and Joins ACCESS Connect Ecosystem Global Partner Program

THE MIDLANDS, UK – February 19th, 2007 – Astraware is excited to announce their first steps toward support of an additional mobile platform for their range of PDA and Smartphone games. The company has been working on updates to its own core technology library to enable its games to run on Linux® based mobile platforms, and the first fruits of this labor, running under an early SDK and hardware, have recently been demonstrated by ACCESS Co, Ltd at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain.

Astraware also announced it has joined the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program as a charter member. ACCESS’ recently announced ACE partner program is designed to create an ecosystem of world-class partners that will unleash the potential of the digital life generation by driving development and adoption of new mobile and converged technologies and solutions.

“Extending our platform support is a key part of our strategy.” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “We see mobile Linux as being an extremely important part of the industry over the coming year, and we’re aiming Astraware to be the games provider of choice for this platform. As a charter member of the ACE program, we’re taking a lead in the growth of the mobile Linux community.”

“We are delighted to be able to continue our long-standing partnership with Astraware,” said Larry Berkin, Senior Director, Developer Ecosystem & Technology Acquisition for ACCESS. “Astraware’s games are incredibly popular and are an excellent addition to any mobile device. We are pleased that they have been able to assist us in these early stages of the platform development, so that we are confident a range of great quality software will be ready when the platform launches. We are also pleased to welcome them as charter members of the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem global partner program.”

“Astraware’s CTL system and cross-platform game development methodology allows us to target a wide range of mobile device platforms,” said David Oakley, CTO of Astraware. “We are very excited to be working with ACCESS to extend our technology on to the ALP platform. ALP provides a rich set of functionality to third-party developers such as ourselves enabling us to deliver a compelling experience to consumers.”

Astraware is continuing to develop its core technologies to function with the various flavors of Linux for mobile devices and intends to have a range of games fully compatible when device manufacturers are ready to launch. These will include Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Solitaire and other titles from the company’s own IP alongside key titles from its range of licensors.

It’s Open Season on Gnomes with Hammer Heads

THE MIDLANDS, UK – February 7th 2007 – Astraware® and PopCap Games® are excited to announce that it’s open-season on gnomes with the release of Hammer Heads for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC Smartphones and PDAs.

Hammer Heads is a frantic fun-fest for anyone with an aversion to those pesky creatures that live at the bottom of your garden. As the gnomes rise from their holes, just tap the screen to bash them with your hammer! Meet several types of gnome, each with their own unique quirks, collect power-ups to aid you in your quest, and earn special speed bonuses if you’re handy with your hammer! A visit to the Tower of Gold can earn you extra cash to spend on special hammer and life upgrades available at the in-game Shiny Shop.

“For each problem there’s a solution, but when the solution involves a hammer, you can be sure that it’ll end up being rewarding to the soul,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “What could be better for testing your reactions and tapping accuracy than teaching those pesky gnomes a lesson!”

Hammer Heads features 2 game modes – Classic Bash – progress through 25 challenging levels and defeat the Gnome King, earning special achievement trophies along the way; and Marathon Bash – a never-ending gnome-bashing extravaganza!

Hammer Heads has been one of the most popular PC and online gaming titles of 2006, and now fans of the game can take it with them on the move.

Hammer Heads is available for devices running Palm OS® 5.0 and higher, and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE and 5.0, here.

Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition once again available for a limited time!

THE MIDLANDS, UK – February 1st 2007 – Astraware® and PopCap Games® would like to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate a special edition of the best-selling handheld game ever, Bejeweled®, is once again available for a limited time from the Astraware website.

Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition features all the gem-swapping fun of the original, but with some loved-up extra features. The game board is enhanced with sparkly red heart-shaped jewels and the game includes a ‘Valentines’ Special’ option to help shy romantics get the message across to their Bejeweled-addicted sweetheart. The ‘Valentines’ Special’ has two preset questions, or the user can create a personal message in their own unique way.

This year the game has been updated to add compatibility for some new devices, so Windows Mobile® users with 240×240 square screen devices can display their inner-romantic. We’re also excited to announce the first ever release of Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition for Windows Mobile® for Smartphone devices, including those with landscape screens.

Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition is available for only a couple of weeks, so don’t miss it! Owners of a registered copy of Bejeweled (original version) can download the Valentine’s Day Edition for free, and registration codes for the Valentine’s Day Edition will also work for the classic version of Bejeweled®. For more information on Bejeweled Valentine’s Day Edition for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® click here.