Astraware announces additional smartphone platform support

BUDAPEST, Hungary/KEELE, Staffordshire, UK – November 29th, 2007 – Astraware®, currently participating in the UIQ Fast Track event in Budapest, is excited to announce support for an additional mobile software platform.

In the first quarter of 2008 a selection of Astraware’s own games and popular licensed titles will be released for the Symbian® UIQ® platform.

“The whole Astraware team is excited to be supporting such a progressive and media-rich platform,” said John Phillips, Astraware’s Vice President of Business Development. “UIQ continues to improve the user experience with every release of their platform, and we are sure that our games will engage the user as much as the UIQ platform engages developers.”

Astraware has been working on adding Symbian to its list of supported platforms for some time and now has several games in the pipeline. Using their expertise in touchscreen and non-touchscreen control methods, Astraware’s games will support both touchscreen UIQ devices like the Sony Ericsson P1i and non-touchscreen handsets such as Motorola’s highly acclaimed multimedia phone, the Z8.

“Astraware’s portfolio of quality games and applications is impressive, and we are happy to see them porting more and more great titles to the UIQ platform,” commented Naresh Chouhan, Head of Developer Programs at UIQ Technology. “This will broaden UIQ phone users’ choice of add-on software, of course, but it will also lead the way for other mobile software companies to see and grasp the opportunities in UIQ.”

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Astraware brings together 3 family-friendly favourites with the Astraware Classic Collection

KEELE, Staffordshire, UK – November 14th, 2007 – Astraware is excited to announce a brand new games pack featuring 3 of their most-popular games.

Following many customer requests, the Astraware Classic Collection brings together 3 family-friendly favorites featuring an award-winning Sudoku game, 8 classic boardgames, and 12 of the best-known card games, all in one super value pack for a very special price.

The Astraware Classic Collection includes Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Boardgames, and Astraware Solitaire and is available for Palm OS®, and Windows Mobile® smartphones and PDAs. The collection is priced $39.95 – a saving of one third off the price of all 3 games bought separately and special pricing is also available to customers who already own one of the games.

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Enjoy hours of petal-popping fun with Plantastic!

KEELE, Staffordshire, UK & BUDAORS, Hungary – November 14th, 2007 – Astraware® and PalmStorm™ are excited to announce the release of Plantastic! for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® smartphones and PDAs.

Plantastic! is a fun combination of puzzle and strategy game where you create bouquets from groups of brightly coloured flowers to clear them from the play board and reach each level’s bloom target! Each game mode has a different planting pattern and blooms can only be placed near the player’s last bloom within the pattern shown. Blooms drop into the queue and you must plant them in the garden before the queue fills up.

Plantastic! begins as a simple fun game, but add the challenge of more complex flower arrangements, and a range of different bloom colours as you progress, and the challenge increases. Avoid the mushrooms that block your path, and stop Mr Mole from stealing your blooms by tapping him on the head, but make sure you don’t run out of time or flowers! Flower powerups like the super trowel and joker flowers will offer assistance to boost your points total.

Developed by PalmStorm and published by Astraware, Plantastic! includes 5 different play modes across 3 levels of difficulty and hundreds of play levels. The game is designed for Palm OS® 5 and Windows Mobile® 2003, 2003SE, 5 and 6 devices with touchscreens, and is available here.