Award-winning Astraware Sudoku now available for BlackBerry® smartphones!

Staffordshire, UK – March 24th 2009 – Astraware® – the Handmark® Game Studio™ is excited to announce the release of Astraware Sudoku for BlackBerry® smartphones. Alongside the new release, this award-winning Sudoku game has also been updated for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® smartphones – with enhanced graphics, and changes to the existing game engine to improve calculations and hints for some of the more difficult puzzles.

Recognised by many as the best mobile Sudoku game for a range of smartphones, Astraware Sudoku includes all the features avid Sudoku players want. The game includes the highly acclaimed OTA Puzzle of the Day that allows players to download a puzzle for each difficulty level from the Sudoku of the Day webserver each day and on completion submit their time to see how they compare to other players worldwide! The BlackBerry and PalmOS versions of Astraware Sudoku also enable players to download packs of puzzles at multiple difficulty levels as and when required, so players never need worry about running out of puzzles.

Astraware Sudoku includes a wide range of assistance including a Sudoku solver, manual and automatic pencilmarks, a smart hints system to give players helpful guidance without just showing the solution, and hold-and-highlight for locating particular numbers or groups. Players can use these features to learn how to play Sudoku, improve their game and progress to higher difficulty levels!

In addition, players can enter their own puzzles from magazines and newspapers and use all of Astraware Sudoku’s assistance to help solve them.

To coincide with this release, Astraware Sudoku for BlackBerry, Palm OS and Windows Mobile has been reduced to the new regular price of $9.95!

Astraware Sudoku is available for BlackBerry®, iPhone™, iPod® touch, Windows Mobile® and Palm OS®. For more information click here. For more indepth information on playing Sudoku, including more complex solving methods, visit our companion website at