Handmark and Sandlot Games Release Popular Trading Adventure ‘Tradewinds 2’ on Apple App Store

KANSAS CITY, MO – June 23, 2009 – Handmark® and Sandlot Games® today announced the release of Tradewinds® 2, part of Sandlot Games’ popular trading adventure franchise, on the Apple App Store.

Based on the acclaimed PC game by Sandlot Games, Tradewinds 2 is a highly immersive adventure for iPhone and iPod touch where players navigate the pirate-infested waters of the Caribbean. Be a master commander, defeating pirates and plundering their vast hordes of booty, or, play it safe by trading exotic island goods, gradually amassing untold wealth, power and influence.

“Once again Handmark has done an excellent job bringing another Sandlot Game to millions of iPhone and iPod touch users,” said Daniel Bernstein, CEO Sandlot Games. “We’re very proud of Tradewinds 2 for the Apple App Store and we believe that users worldwide will once again get swept away in the unique gameplay and story that unites the Tradewinds series.”

Gamers who enjoy trading and strategy games will love Tradewinds 2. Players can choose one of 5 characters to play as, or create their own using the ‘Character Generator’; explore 20 different ports each with different buildings and characteristics; and enjoy over 100 hours of gameplay across Story and Free Trade modes. Players new to this genre will gain an introduction via the full tutorial in Tradewinds 2.

“Following the success of Glyph® and Westward®, we’re excited to work with Sandlot Games to bring Tradewinds 2 to the iPhone and iPod touch,” said Cassidy Lackey, vice president of Handmark Studios. “The venerated franchise has a loyal online offering, and this immersive version reinforces our intention to bring high quality, value-packed games to the Apple App Store.”

Tradewinds 2 is available now for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore. For more information about Tradewinds 2, along with screenshots and a video demo, please click here.

Award-winning Astraware Solitaire Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

KANSAS CITY, MO and LONDON, UK – June 5, 2009 – Handmark® today announced the release of Astraware Solitaire – its award-winning solitaire games pack for BlackBerry® smartphones.

This highly acclaimed games pack, created by Astraware® – the Handmark Game Studio, includes 12 of the most well-known single player card games selected from customer feedback. These games include Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Clock, and Yukon.

Astraware Solitaire boasts a range of exclusive, must-have features including:

  • Fully customizable game play allowing customers to use their chosen rule set for each game
  • ‘Mirror’ layout – an essential feature for one-handed use
  • Choice of card face, including an option suitable for those with visual impairments
  • Detailed statistics for players who love to track their wins
  • Golden Trophy Deck reward system which players can unlock as they play

“Of all the mobile Solitaire games I’ve ever played, Astraware Solitaire delivers the best user experience,” said Cassidy Lackey, VP of Handmark Studios. “It has all the card games I love to play and it’s the perfect game for those spare moments when I’m waiting at the airport or between meetings.”

Astraware Solitaire is available for the BlackBerry® Storm smartphone and all BlackBerry smartphones with a trackball. It is immediately available to download at www.handmark.com or www.astraware.com for $9.95 and will soon be available on BlackBerry App World™. For more information click here.

Handmark Announces Futuristic Racing Game, Phaze Available on Apple App Store

KANSAS CITY, MO – June 2, 2009 – Handmark® today announced the release of Phaze™, an exciting new futuristic racing game, on the Apple App Store. Phaze is unique to iPhone™ and iPod® touch and offers players an exhilarating race experience as they select their ship and race around 16 rollercoaster-like tracks with stomach-flipping twists and turns, and velocity-increasing boost pads, while collecting powerups and avoiding their competitors’ weapons!

“Following the success of GTS World Racing and Hellfire for iPhone and iPod touch we are excited to bring fans of arcade-style racing games another high-quality, addictive game,” said Cassidy Lackey, vice president of Handmark Studios. “Our partnership with world-class developers like Pazzazz, brings exclusive games to the App Store that will surely keep users on the edge of their seat!”

Phaze features 2 play modes – Single Race and Championship across 16 futuristic locations and with 4 levels of difficulty. Players begin with a choice of 3 ships, and a further 7 can be unlocked through Championship mode.

Phaze is available for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at http://www.itunes.com/appstore/.

For more information and to view a demo video, click here.

Phaze has been created exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch by Pazzazz Games (GTS World Racing, Hellfire).