Astraware Word Games released exclusively for Barnes & Noble’s Award-Winning NOOK Color™ Reader’s Tablet™

Staffordshire, UK – August 15 2011 – Astraware® is excited to announce the launch of their brand new word games pack, Astraware Word Games, exclusively for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet.

Astraware Word Games is a beautifully presented pack of five classic word games that is sure to appeal to lovers of words and language. The included games are Shuffle, Wordsearch, Hexxed, Gridlock, and Spellmaster and comprise word searches, spelling challenges, grid puzzles, and anagram games. Each of the five games offers a choice of difficulty levels or puzzle sizes and the ability to play Timed or Classic modes, so players can opt for a challenging brain teaser or a relaxing game to pass the time.

“People who read a lot of books naturally build up wide vocabularies, and we have built a set of games that not only allow players to take advantage of this, but encourage players to find and use new words too,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “That’s why we chose Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color as the ideal platform for our educational games pack. With a range of game styles and modes, there are variants to keep any player entertained and enlightened for hours using NOOK Color’s beautiful 7-inch, full-color touchscreen.”

Astraware Word Games boasts a generous 100,000 word dictionary, which grades words not just on their letters and length, but also on how interesting or unusual they are and rewards players accordingly. Additionally, the game includes a choice of three graphical themes and several ambient music tracks to enhance the look and feel of the game, and Wordsearch has a wide selection of fun themed word lists to play with.

With the launch of Astraware Word Games, the UK-based studio has now expanded their range of highly-acclaimed classic games packs to six titles, as it joins Astraware Casino, Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Board Games, Astraware Solitaire and Astraware Mahjong. Astraware’s multi-platform approach ensures that users can get access to their range of titles across Android, iOS, BlackBerry, webOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Mac.

Astraware Word Games can be purchased for $4.99 from the NOOK Apps Store and customers can easily download games in seconds from the NOOK Bookstore on NOOK Color. For more information on NOOK Color, visit For more information on Astraware Word Games games, click here.