Astraware Rummages In Pockets, Inserts Coin, Starts New Game

We’ve had quite a crazy roller-coaster ride since starting Astraware back in 2000, creating new games, supporting new technology and devices, and growing the company with the addition of great staff to the team. We’ve had great luck with some products at just the right time (Zap!2000, Sudoku), and worked with some great licensors to make mobile versions of their games (Bejeweled, Collapse, and many more!).  We’ve also had our share of downs too – our biggest was that as Palm OS declined, we weren’t able to pick up as much from other platforms.

This year we said a sad farewell to the last of our fantastic employees, leaving just David and I in Astraware once again, just like we were back in those early days. Except perhaps with 30 years more experience between us, and a nice suite of popular games that bring in just enough to keep us going as we work on the next titles.

We’re updating our website (with WordPress and, for now, the lovely ‘Enfold’ theme) to concentrate on our main products. Yes, we’ve had lots of extra games over the years, but in order to make a clean and maintainable site, we’re prioritising the games which are most popular (and newest, of course!)

So, as we start up our new-look site, we’ve taken a good look back at our history, and we’ve got a lot to celebrate and be proud of!

  • Created a business doing what we love
  • Provided first-real-jobs to more than 10 raw graduates, giving them that critical ‘experience’ they could use to progress up the career ladder
  • Provided over 100 years worth of employment across all of the staff
  • Welcomed 7 babies to the world between the team
  • Created over 100 different games, across 10+ platforms, some original, some licensed
  • Made many games that are loved and played every day, making a real and positive difference to many people’s lives
  • Published over 50 games for other developers, and sold games for even more.
  • Created a respected and ethical business (we didn’t manage to please all of the people all of the time, but we’ve managed pretty well!)
  • Met and made many many friends along the way, team members, beta testers, colleagues, partners, and random crazy conference buddies. You all rock and have made Astraware a real adventure!

Looking forward again now, we’re maintaining our most popular games (especially those with daily content) and working on adding more games that keep our long-standing and loyal audience happy and entertained.  Will we make the next sudden unexpected big hit? We’d love to think so – like every other developer – but more realistically we know we can make good games that we can maintain and keep going for many years.

Here’s hoping you’ll keep with us as we start another go on the ride! Who knows what track we’ll follow this time around!

Howard and David