Astraware Easter Updates

We’re busy working away at a few things to bring some improvements!

As well as continuing our work on Mijnlieff (to fix the bug introduced by iOS8) and simplify the purchasing system, we’re doing a bit of an update on Astraware Crosswords too.

First of all we’re taking a bit of a style update and making our puzzle games have a rather neater visual style which matches the latest iOS and Android styles a bit better.

crosswords-title   crosswords-ingame

This also means we’ve changed a bit of the look within the game itself, and so it’s a goodbye to the pretty (but space-wasting) curvy swooshes and in with a straighter keyboard area, which means we can make the keys a bit bigger and also display more of the clues too.

We’re switching out the banner ads which would be constantly running along the top of the screen as you play, which means more space to see the clues all of the time, and no more flashy distracting ads at the top of the screen. Instead we’ll have a single ‘interstitial’ style advert after you’ve completed the game. If you’ve already decided to support us directly by purchasing the no-ads option, then you won’t see the new ads either 🙂

Last up is that we’ll be including a neat support system directly into the game – which means you’ll be able to send us a message and see the reply from the game itself, as well as being able to access all of the online FAQs we’ve written too. We hope this will make it an easier process to get support if you need it, but also with the FAQs right there too, providing some of the answers even faster!

Happy Easter!