Spring Cleaning for 2018!

A few things are happening in the internet world – we’re updating our games to include in-app FAQs and support wherever we can, and taking note of the ever increasing awareness about privacy.

We’re adding in features to make it really clear (and fully opt-in) how your information is used, which in our games is to do with playing and submitting times for the daily games, earning stamps/tokens, and for the purposes of in-game ads, what kind of device you’re on and where in the world you are.  We’re cycling round our games adding this throughout so you should see updates on that soon – and as well as explaining this in the games we’ll be including an opt-out too.  This is all part of a heightened awareness worldwide about privacy, and a new regulation called GDPR. Even though our games don’t do anything where your personally identifiable information could be sent, it’s still about control of data.

Some of the games which we’ve had sitting in the stores for a while without any update, are being removed. While this isn’t permanent (we might get chance to come back to them, but it won’t be soon), it means you won’t find our Word Games collection, Haunted, Alien Pop, and our range of SAT Wordsearches on the various stores.  If you’ve already got a copy of any of these, you’ll still be able to use them of course!  We’re hoping in particular to come back to Hexxed and Gridlock from within the Word Games app, and bring those out as their own individual games, as these are both popular games!

Having a slightly smaller collection of games available makes it easier for us to keep them all updated – something that’s important to us – and especially the games which have new content to play each day.

Is your device Haunted?

Staffordshire, UK – October  24, 2014 – Astraware® releases Haunted, a brain-teasing puzzle game for iPad®, iPhone® and Android phones and tablets.

Just in time for Halloween, Astraware has released Haunted, a brand new game that has you finding your way through room after room of puzzles with monsters to avoid and treasure to find.

Haunted is a game for those who like to use their brain to solve puzzles, rather than be the fastest to tap. Find your way through each room one step at a time, and the monsters in the room react to your every move. Zombies are slow and move towards you, but other monsters behave in other simple (but different) ways, and learning how they move is the key to solving the game!

Take your time to plan, there’s no need to be hurried, and you can undo your moves as often as you like or reset the room right back to the beginning if you decide that a particular path isn’t going to work out. Stars are awarded for each room you complete, just one for escaping, two for escaping with all the possible treasure, and three for finding the perfect route with the minimum number of steps. You can go back at any time to re-attempt a room and get that coveted third star.

The first launch has 6 houses filled with a total of 80 rooms to solve, some are straightforward and are there to help you to learn, some present real challenges! There are four monster types, as well as pit traps and treasure to find, with more to come in future updates. It is ideal for ages 7 and up.

Haunted is available to download on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore for Android and NOOK Apps.  It is a free download with occasional adverts on iOS and Android, and is set at $2.99 on NOOK with no adverts.

For more information on Haunted, see the Astraware page at: www.astraware.com/games/haunted, or view the presskit.

About Astraware

Based in the heart of England, Astraware is Howard Tomlinson and David Oakley, who have been passionately developing games for handheld devices since 1997.