Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Astraware launches major Crosswords 2 update!

All New Astraware Crosswords 2!

That’s right! Our flagship puzzle game Astraware Crosswords is relaunched with an updated sleek look, extra puzzles, new statistics and features, but keeps the same great gameplay (and just the right types of puzzles!) as before!

Version 2 is available now on all stores and is a FREE download!  On Apple, Amazon and Google stores it’s an automatic update, so you don’t have to do anything – on NOOK it’s a new product with a free download.

If you’re already an Astraware Crosswords player, any purchases you’ve made (deluxe versions or any extra puzzle packs) will automatically be available for you to play in the new version!

What’s New in Version 2?


A new design of our title screen is now a cool and soothing blue to match the latest OS version changes – but the biggest change is that instead of two giant buttons – one for today’s Daily Puzzle and one for the Weekender, there’s now a box with separate PLAY buttons for each day!

That means you can now play back through any of the daily puzzles from the last week!

The Weekender puzzle is still available to play at any time, and a new one is available every Friday, just as before.


Once you’ve completed a daily puzzle, you now get an award for completing it – and a Bronze, Silver or Gold award for finishing in the top 75%, 50%, or 25% of times submitted.

Tap on any of these to see your statistics for that day – and just how close were you to getting that next rank up?

v2 Stats Silver



You can still play offline puzzles – we’ve now called them anytime puzzles, and we’ve also added in a new way to select which pack you’d like to play from:


v2 Select Pack  Select Puzzle


And last, but definitely not least, we’ve introduced a new feature (an optional purchase) which is the Daily Doubler! This unlocks a second daily puzzle which is perfect for our Crosswords fans who want even more to play every day!

v2 title-inusewithdoubler copy


The Doubler puzzles are available from the title screen just like any of the usual Daily puzzles, and have their own play button – and you can see your rank for those games too!

Doubler players tend to be the real enthusiasts though, so you can expect some real competition in those puzzles to get the gold ranks!



As always there’s a whole raft of fixes and support for new devices, new screen sizes, and the latest OS versions, so it’s definitely worth the update as soon as you can!