Crosswords Icons?

Crosswords comes with some puzzles built in, and of course the new Daily puzzle each day and weekender available each Friday, but avid fans will often want to add extra packs of puzzles!

These are available as ‘in-app purchases’ from within the game.



Deluxe Pack 1


Deluxe Pack 2


Deluxe Pack 3


Fun Pack


Easy Pack


Family Pack


Vacation Pack 1


Vacation Pack 2


Tough Pack



Each of these is a separate purchase and adds in a range of puzzles into Crosswords, the bigger the pack, the better the value!

The Nook Deluxe version comes with Deluxe Pack 1 built in, so you won’t see it as a purchase available in the shop.  If you have the Deluxe Pack 1, then you’ll see Pack 2 available for purchase, and then on to 3.

Once you’ve made a purchase the ‘new game’ page will change to show you which of your purchases are contributing puzzles to each of the various selections. The Easy pack adds in a range of easy puzzles, the tough pack just adds in hard puzzles, the other packs add in a range of sizes and difficulties!

Here’s an example to show you how it looks after you’ve made a purchase – the icons are pretty small but now you know what you’re looking for, you can see the difference!