Astraware releases update to its award-winning Astraware Sudoku game.

THE MIDLANDS, UK – December 1st 2005 – Astraware is excited to announce a major update to Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC and Smartphone. The new Puzzle of the Day option offers a brand new Sudoku puzzle at each difficulty level downloadable ‘over the air’ each day. This unique feature also lets users submit their times directly from their device and see how they rank against other players worldwide for the same puzzle.

“We’re all Sudoku addicts here at Astraware, and adding this new feature has us competing to get better and better at solving the puzzles,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “We’re looking forward to all of our registered customers joining in with the Astraware team and Beta testers in the daily high score lists!”

Astraware Sudoku featuring Puzzle of the Day is a free update to all registered owners of the game. The Puzzle of the Day feature can be accessed either over the air from a connected device, from standalone handhelds using a cellphone as a modem, or via ActiveSync’s pass-through connection, while users without a connected device can still take advantage of Astraware Sudoku‘s ability to generate billions of Sudoku puzzles on their device.

Astraware recently attended Orange™ Code Camp in Opio, France where the Puzzle of the Day feature was developed. Astraware Sudoku‘s over-the-air puzzle delivery was awarded Best Overall Product at the event and received the grand prize of a Segway Human Transporter. The Astraware Team has since taken delivery of the Segway!

Astraware Sudoku is available here.

A Sudoku of the Day puzzle is also accessible for non-PDA owners via the Sudoku of the Day website. It’s available for people to add to their blogs and websites or direct to their email inbox each day. The Sudoku of the Day site also includes Sudoku Gear – a quirky range of merchandise featuring genuine Sudoku puzzles – ideal for a Sudoku addicts everywhere.