Astraware and GameHouse announce the release of ShapeShifter for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND – January 24th 2004 – Astraware and GameHouse are pleased to announce a further collaboration with the release of ShapeShifter for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile? for Pocket PC handheld devices.

Roll up, roll up and try your hand with the ShapeShifter. Place the coloured shapes in the moving cut-outs. Fill up the rows and they disappear. Clear the board to move on to the next shape-shifting level!

Howard Tomlinson, Astraware’s CEO commented, “ShapeShifter was an ideal candidate for handheld conversion, because the stylus interface is so intuitive for this type of game. We’re extremely pleased with how playable the game is!”

ShapeShifter has two fun-filled modes of play; Beat The Clock, where players must fill a specified number of rows before time runs out; and Shape Speedster, which requires players to clear a number of rows before the board fills up. As they are cleared, another row appears. If the rows reach the top of the board, then your game is over. As players progress through the levels the types and colours of shapes change to create a greater challenge. Beat The Clock also includes special bonus levels to test players speed and dexterity.

Reactions to the game include:

“Another brilliant port of a PC bestseller courtesy of Astraware, Shapeshifter is a wicked game in the best sense of the word. Are you in a good enough Shape to play it beyond the very first levels?” – Maya Rozenshein, Palm247

“ShapeShifter, a uniquely fascinating and very addictive arcade game that, try as hard as I might, I can?t compare to anything I?ve ever played before.” – David Eaton, freelance journalist

“This game has the potential to break my Bejeweled 2 addiction! Of course if it does, I will just be replacing one habit with another!” – Jan Galbraith, Palm Addict

ShapeShifter is enhanced with the same zingy sound effects as the PC version and has a carnival-style music soundtrack courtesy of Astraware?s Aurora Sound Engine. The game is available from January 24th 2005 for Windows Mobile? for Pocket PC and Palm OS® devices at Astraware’s website, priced $19.95.