StarPop™ – the game for people who like to make stuff go “Pop!”

THE MIDLANDS,UK – September 13th 2006 – Astraware is delighted to announce StarPop™, the perfect game for the big kid in all of us that just likes to pop stuff!

StarPop™ can be simply described as fun, absorbing, stress busting, and even poptastic! If you enjoy popping bubblewrap (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll love StarPop™. Pop stars, burst balloons, splat fruit and a whole lot more against all kinds of cartoon backgrounds. Trigger the popping bonuses for extra points and unlock special onscreen prizes.

“Games should be all about fun.” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware “We designed StarPop to be all about fun, with satisfying effects so that you just can’t help playing, and nothing to worry about. StarPop is literally a game that you can’t lose!”

StarPop™ was designed for everyone but also with younger children in mind, and is perfect for keeping everyone entertained – on long journeys, in meetings, between appointments – and it’s so addictive you can play it over and over trying to beat your own highest score!

StarPop™ is available now for all Palm OS® 5.0 devices and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE and 5.0. More information on the game, including a full feature on how the game was developed from early concept to release, can be found at