Astraware Sudoku – version 1.30 featuring new menu system.

THE MIDLANDS, UK – March 31st, 2006 – Astraware is pleased to announce that Astraware Sudoku has been updated to version 1.30. This new update includes an improved version of Astraware Sudoku for devices running Palm OS® 4.0, and a brand new menu system for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® platforms.

“Our customers love our Sudoku – great puzzles, the best interface, terrific features, a fantastic hints system… but everyone agreed, the menu system behind it was pretty lousy. So, we listened, and fixed it!” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “With version 1.30, Astraware Sudoku has a brand new easy-to-navigate system for finding and changing options, all with 5-way navigation in mind too!”

Howard continues, “We also had some feedback from customers who haven’t updated their device in a while, and still use a Palm OS 4.0 device. We can’t promise to support these forever, but those users will be happy to know we’ve made a version of Astraware Sudoku optimised to run on these handhelds with less memory and slower processors – available now from our website.”

Astraware Sudoku has proved hugely popular so far with many people downloading and comparing their best times on the Puzzle of the Day feature. Customers reply how much they enjoy that the game allows them to play the game the way they want to, and their excellent feedback has allowed Astraware to add to and improve the features of the game, for this and future updates.

Astraware Sudoku is available for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC and Smartphone. Get your copy here.