Astraware Sudoku – now for Windows Mobile(R) for Pocket PC and Smartphone and multi-language support for all platforms

THE MIDLANDS, UK – October 26th, 2005 – Following the huge success of Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS®, Astraware is excited to announce that the game is now available for Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC and Smartphone including 240×240 ‘square’ screen resolution and Windows Mobile® 5.0 support. In addition to the release of the game, we have created a dedicated website for Sudoku players from total beginners to complete experts at Windows Mobile Sudoku.

Sudoku is a logical puzzle game, originally created in puzzle books and then made available in countless newspapers worldwide. The grid is 9 cells high by 9 cells wide and within the grid are 9 boxes each featuring 9 cells. The object is to fill in the numbers 1-9 in each row, column and box, but they must only appear in each one once. Many people are put off by seeing a grid with numbers in it, but in fact the puzzle doesn’t require any arithmetic at all – just deduction and logic, and with the inbuilt assistance in the game and the aid of our accompanying website, everyone can play Sudoku.

Astraware Sudoku is suitable for players of all abilities and features include 6 levels of difficulty, pencilmarks in a choice of styles, optional completion and tracking of pencilmarks, for touch-screen devices a unique and innovative notepad which enables players to make handwritten notes and sketches overlaid upon the grid, and an advanced hint system to assist you by highlighting areas where progress can be made without giving away the answer.

Astraware Sudoku includes a selection of inbuilt puzzles of varying difficulty for you to evaluate. After registration the game will allow a range of additional pre-built puzzle packs to be added. These extra packs are already available free of charge from Windows Mobile Sudoku. Astraware Sudoku includes a puzzle creator which will generate literally billions of true Sudoku puzzles, all of which are solveable by logic alone. It also includes a puzzle solver, so you can input any Sudoku from a newspaper or book and Astraware Sudoku can show you the solution or give you hints to help you play along.

Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS® has also been updated to incorporate some of the features requested by our customers. In addition, all versions of Astraware Sudoku now support multiple languages; English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. The game will automatically detect the system language.

Astraware Sudoku is available for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® devices with a regular price of $19.95. For an introductory period Astraware Sudoku for Windows Mobile® will be reduced to just $9.95. The discounted price on the Palm OS® version will also be extended, so get your copy here at this great low price.