Astraware releases Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster for iPhone® and iPod touch®

Staffordshire, UK – April 28th, 2011 – Astraware® today announced the release of Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster™ on the App Store. The game was developed by Chaos Games Studio, a student who spent a year on work placement with Astraware. He developed Captain CupCake in his spare time after he returned to university to complete the third year of his degree.

“Captain CupCake is an old-school platformer, requiring skill and planning, but with tactical choices to make in choosing different routes for higher scores, better times, or an easier level,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “Wrapped up in a great comical character (who faceplants most unelegantly when you fall off a platform), this game has fantastic charm!”

The Veggie Villains have stolen the donuts from every bakery on the Isla Cocoa. They need to be retrieved and there’s only one man for the job – Captain CupCake!

Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster is a quick, fun pick up and play platform game with dozens of short levels ideal for tea breaks or waiting in line. The game includes dozens of levels across 2 play zones, the second of which is unlocked by mastering the first. The game is free to download, but players who enjoy the game can also purchase additional zone packs in-game using the iOS In-App Purchase system.

Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and includes hi-res graphics for Retina Display devices. It can also be used on the iPad in x2 mode. Players can download the game free on the iPhone App Store, or for more information and screenshots, click here.