Astraware Signs Deal with RealNetworks? RealArcade for Distribution and Marketing of Palm OS Game Titles

Popular Astraware games for Palm OS handhelds to be available at RealNetworks? RealArcade

THE MIDLANDS, ENGLAND (April 10, 2002) – Astraware Ltd today announced that RealNetworks will distribute many of Astraware?s popular game titles for Palm OS® handhelds through RealNetworks®, Inc. RealArcade(TM) game distribution platform. RealNetworks will also market Astraware?s games directly to its more than 4.5 million RealArcade users. Game titles that will initially be available through the RealArcade service will include: Bejeweled, Alchemy, Seven Seas, Atomica, Collapse and Text Twist.

"We believe that many of our over one million existing PC game customers who own Palm Powered® handheld devices will be interested in buying games for them, provided the games are of high quality and easy to acquire," said Paul Thelen, Director of Marketing for RealArcade. "Astraware was an obvious choice as a handheld device partner due to their strong reputation in the Palm OS development community and the high quality games they have produced."
Astraware is the first provider of games for handheld devices for RealArcade, and Astraware plans to provide additional games for RealArcade in the near future. The initial game set is a representation of many of the most popular and addictive of Astraware?s famous puzzle games and includes:

  • Bejeweled, recent winner of Best Palm OS Game by Handheld Computing Magazine, has been hailed for its highly addictive game play. In fact, due to its addictive nature, one reviewer recently decried that it is "quite possibly the most evil game ever created." Players strive to remove colorful gemstones from the screen by swapping adjacent jewels to create sets of three or more. Once jewels are removed, new gems fall onto the screen to replace them.
  • In Alchemy, players attempt to become the mythical Alchemical Grand Master by placing runes of magical shapes and colors onto the screen, thus turning lead into gold.
  • In Seven Seas, players navigate their galleon through hazardous waters, avoiding pirates, reefs, and even sea monsters.
  • Atomica players make molecules in Dr. Atomica’s Laboratory, building up atomic power by moving atoms to make larger and larger molecules without causing a nuclear eruption.
  • Players of Collapse need to move fast to find rows and columns of three or more like-colored blocks. They must then click on them to make them disappear, collapsing the rows and columns above.
  • For word game lovers, Text Twist never disappoints. Players begin with a six-letter scrambled word and they must attempt to unscramble that word, and as many other three, four, or five-letter words as possible, within a time limit.

"RealNetworks carries a wide assortment of very cool games for the PC, and we are delighted to provide our own collection so that their gaming community can become as hooked on handheld gaming as our own customers have become," said Howard Tomlinson, Astraware?s CEO. "As RealNetworks grows its new section devoted to handheld games, we plan to continually offer new and exciting games for RealArcade users to choose from."

All of Astraware?s new games work with handhelds running the Palm OS 3.0 or higher and each sell for $14.95. The games will now be available to download through the RealArcade software, and at:

About Astraware Limited

Founded in 1994, Astraware Ltd. shareware games and utilities. The company provides a range of products available for handheld computers, including the popular Zap!2000. Astraware?s Bejeweled game was recently named as the Best Handheld Game for 2001 by Handheld Computing Magazine. Handheld gaming enthusiasts have downloaded more than a million copies of Astraware?s products, and the company has customers in over 100 countries. For more information, contact CEO Howard Tomlinson at or visit


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