Astraware and Skwork Studio Bring Shattered Worlds to the Tapwave Zodiac

San Jose, California – February 11, 2004 – Today at the PalmSource Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Astraware, the top developer and publisher of games for PDAs, along with Skwork Studio and Tapwave, Inc., announce the release of an all new Zodiac-enhanced version of Shattered Worlds: Space Combat. Available for both Zodiac1 and Zodiac2 devices, this version of Skwork Studio?s space combat simulator takes advantage of the Zodiac?s robust gaming features, including an extended landscape display, sharp analog controls via the Zodiac controllers, and rumble effects to enhance the effect of collisions and explosions. This new release brings an added bonus of one extra mission to both the Zodiac-specific game and the original versions for all registered players.

"At Skwork Studio we are very excited about extending our product to take advantage of the Zodiac?s superior gaming features." said Sergei Savchenko, CEO, Skwork Studio. "With its power and great feature set, the Tapwave Zodiac permitted us to do things we could not have done otherwise in a handheld system."

Shattered Worlds: Space Combat is a revolutionary 3D space flight game using the 3DMGPL Engine technology developed by Skwork Studio. 3DMGPL Engine technologynot only provides new technological advances, but also offers an even better long-term gameplay experience for PDA users everywhere, with the added bonus of a completely new mission. This all new extra-mission version will be available to existing owners as a completely free upgrade from Astraware on their website at

"”As a popular PDA game, Shattered Worlds: Space Combat has a reserved seat in our first-quarter content lineup." said Byron Connell, co-founder of Tapwave, Inc. "We are thrilled to have a Zodiac-enhanced version of Shattered Worlds to add to our catalog, especially since Skwork Studio?s has added a new mission to the game, and has optimized their game to take full advantage of the Zodiac?s strong gaming features (analog controller, high-resolution display, game rumble feedback)."

The game is available to download and purchase from, priced at $17.95 for all formats.

About Astraware Limited.
Founded in 1994, Astraware Limited. licenses, develops and publishes high quality games for handheld computers. The company provides a range of products, including the popular ?Zap!2000? and ?Bejeweled,? which was named as the “Best Game Application” by Handango in 2003. Handheld gaming enthusiasts have downloaded more than a million copies of Astraware products, and the company has customers in over 100 countries. Astraware currently offers over fifty of the best game titles for handheld platforms, both from its award winning in-house gaming development department and by building successful partnerships with a over a dozen companies worldwide. For more information, contact John Phillips, PR & Marketing Coordinator at or visit

About Skwork Studio.
Skwork Studio is a software engineering company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics and develop products and tools using technologies from these two areas of their expertise. In particular, they build software tools for data and pattern quality assessment and produce 3D computer games for multiple mobile and dedicated platforms. More information about the company can be found at their website or by contacting them at

About Tapwave, Inc.
Pioneers of a new category of mobile entertainment gear, Tapwave is changing the way people live, play and interact on the go. Founded in May 2001, Tapwave is a privately funded startup company in Mountain View, CA. Through a wealth of experience and strong partnerships, Tapwave is developing a portfolio of innovative next-generation products tailored to deliver the most fun and function in mobile entertainment gear. More information about the company can be found on the Internet at