Astraware Classic Evolves for Next Generation Handhelds

Zap!Evolution™ development announced plus an update for original Zap!2000/2016 for newer device owners

San Jose, California – February 10, 2004 – Today at the PalmSource Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Astraware, the top developer and publisher of games for PDAs, revealed a top-secret long-term development project, Zap!Evolution?. Developed as the long awaited sequel to the highly successful Zap!2000/2016, Astraware have announced that the final version will be available this summer.

"Zap!Evolution embodies the Astraware tradition of great gameplay and great technology, specifically designed for the handheld platform." said David Oakley, Director of Technology for Astraware, "The game is designed to adapt and use the latest features found on today’s devices, making the best use of larger screen sizes, better controls and enhanced audio."

Zap!Evolution™ is the first handheld game to fully utilise Lua scripting technology as used in Balder’s Gate, MDK2, Grim Fandango, Homeworld 2 and Impossible Creatures. Lua allows new aliens to be easily created that have complex behaviours, reacting to the player, other aliens and the environment around them plus Lua also makes it possible to include additional behaviours in update packs, alongside new enemies and special effects. The game is designed to work on devices with different screen sizes and shapes, utilising the extra screen height on the Tungsten T|3 and some Sony CLIÉ devices and the extra screen width on the Tapwave Zodiac and Astraware?s Aurora Audio Engine, will be providing stereo sound effects and an 8-channel techno soundtrack.

Today also sees the release of a new update for the original Astraware shoot-em-up Zap!2000/2016 and this version 1.7 update adds sampled sound effects and faster screen response on Palm OS 5 devices, along with enhanced controls on the Tapwave Zodiac and other handhelds with 5-way joypads.

The Zap!2000/2016 1.7 update is available now free of charge to existing owners from the Astraware Website at and more information about the forthcoming Zap!Evolution? can be found at

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