To support our Nook HD and HD+ Crosswords players (as the Nook App store has now closed), we’ve made a special version for you which is now available on the Google Play store.

This is a free download and we will be able to continue to update it for the long term and continue to provide you with daily puzzles.

Nook Crosswords

We’ve also made the icon for this version different with the green background and Nook ‘n’ symbol on the lower right, hopefully nicely identifiable so you can tell which one to keep, in case you’ve installed any previous versions.

Tap here to go to the Google Play store for this version!

The original Bundled version of the game will still be on your Nook, but it won’t be able to overwrite this new version.

This new version gives you two daily puzzles, as well as lots of fixes and improvements, including a new option for larger clues to help with readability!

This is a completely free download – but if you don’t already have a Google Account, it may ask you to create one. You shouldn’t need to enter any credit card details to create a Google Account.

When you install this Google version, please give it a few seconds and it will check back with the Astraware servers and reinstate any previous purchases you may have made before, and also a list of which of the daily puzzles you’ve already done and which are available to play.

Thank you for upgrading to the latest version! — Howard and David, Astraware.