Thanks for following the link we sent!

This page is here to assist everyone we’ve contacted, to let them know that we’d like to use their artwork in our Jigsaw game, providing a really easy way for them to see what we’ve spotted, and to give (or refuse) their permission.

We’ve only chosen pictures where you (the author!) have set them as one of the appropriate Creative Commons licenses that would suggest we – and others – are able to use them. If you’ve found your way to this page then we expect you’ve received a message via Flickr from us with this link built in.

If you’d like to know more about this selection process, how we’re intending to use them (for jigsaw puzzles for our computerised Jigsaw game), and how we’ll attribute them (as fully as possible!), then this page has all the information you need!  If you think you might have set your pictures to the wrong type of license, then we’ve also included help for how to change them so you won’t get this kind of request from others in the future.

Please wait! Picture info loading... (if this page does not complete, we're very sorry - something has gone wrong with our database - please contact us at directly or via our Flickr account! )

For now our system is set up to register your approval (or disapproval) as an author, rather than individually for some pictures. If you’d like to approve only a limited number of them, then please get in touch with us via email at and we can do that manually.

We will always check again before using any pictures, so that if you have changed the sharing level for a picture that means we shouldn’t be able to use it (for instance if you’ve chosen a private or noncommercial license) then that will automatically be honoured too. We’re doing everything possible to make sure we only include pictures where everyone’s completely happy for us to do so!

We’re intending that the Jigsaw game itself will be free to download, and that the daily puzzles will mostly be pictures we’ve been given permission to use via Flickr and other similar sites. We will be finding a way (somehow!) to provide everyone who allowed us to use their picture with extra free content (such as more packs of puzzle, pro-content, etc) within the game too.

If you have additional pictures you think we should look at, let us know!  We also have a Flickr Group set up for Jigsaw Submissions – we’d be happy for you to join and submit there!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries whatsoever!