There are loads of achievements you can earn in Mahjong, here is a list!

You can even show off to your friends on GameCenter on iOS when you get more achievements and points.

As you complete each achievement, you are awarded with a new Golden Mahjong Tile. Completing all of the achievements will take you quite some time and persistence, but your final reward will be that you can choose to play future Mahjong games using your Golden Tile set!

One Up!

Complete a single puzzle

Big Five

Complete five puzzles

Quarter Century

Complete 25 puzzles

The 100 Club

Complete 100 puzzles

Full House

Complete all of the layouts

No Shuffles

Complete a puzzle without shuffling

No Hints

Complete a puzzle without using any hints

Under 10 Minutes

Complete a timed puzzle in under 10 minutes

Under 5 Minutes

Complete a timed puzzle in under 5 minutes

Under 2 Minutes

Complete a timed puzzle in under 2 minutes

Don’t Panic

Use a shuffle to get past a sticking point

Perfect Pyramid

Complete the Pyramid puzzle

Conquered Castle

Complete the Castle puzzle

Resilient Rat

Complete the Rat puzzle

Outstanding Ox

Complete the Ox puzzle

Terrific Tiger

Complete the Tiger puzzle

Radiant Rabbit

Complete the Rabbit puzzle

Daily Downloader

Download any of the Mahjong Of The Day puzzles

Skillful Snake

Complete the Snake puzzle

Happy Horse

Complete the Horse puzzle

Grandiose Goat

Complete the Goat puzzle

Magnificent Monkey

Complete the Monkey puzzle

Raucous Rooster

Complete the Rooster puzzle

Distinguished Dog

Complete the Dog puzzle

Perky Pig

Complete the Pig puzzle

Lunchtime Legend

Complete a puzzle between 12 noon and 2pm

Teatime treat

Complete a puzzle between 4pm and 5pm

Night Owl

Complete a puzzle between 8pm and 7am

Mahjong Monday

Complete a puzzle on a Monday

All Mixed Up

Complete a puzzle using 3 or more shuffles


Play a puzzle in each of the three room styles

Dancing Dragon

Complete the Dragon puzzle

Daily Completer

Complete any of the MOTD puzzles

Daily Competer

Submit a time for any of the MOTD puzzles


Complete a featured Mahjong Of The Day


Complete the Mahjong Mini Survey


Complete the Henge puzzle 5 times


Complete the Stars puzzle 5 times


Complete the YinYang puzzle 5 times


Complete 1 each of Castle, Pyramid, Monolith, Arches and Bridge


Complete 1 each of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig

Pets Corner

Complete 1 each of Dog, Rabbit, and both Kitty puzzles