• Wide range of assistance including smart hints system, pencilmarks and hold-and- highlight to help beginners
  • 6 puzzles free every day from beginner through to diabolical
  • Dedicated companion website featuring solving techniques and additional puzzle packs at sudokuoftheday.com
  • Built in puzzle generator creates literally billions of puzzles! (available to purchase)
  • Puzzle solver to help with Sudoku in newspapers and books (available to purchase)
  • Unique hint system that gives you suggestions of where to look and what techniques to apply, rather than just giving you the answer!
  • Astraware’s own hold and highlight system to give extra visual help to spot patterns in the puzzle.
  • Built in notepad overlay so you can make your own notes and sketches over the top!

Compete with thousands of Sudoku players worldwide to get the fastest time!

Where to get it

My favorite Sudoku app!! I’ve owned this app for years, never get tired of it!

About Astraware Sudoku

Get the popular Sudoku of the Day daily puzzle challenge FREE for your smartphone or tablet! Every day download the featured puzzle at your chosen difficulty level via wi-fi or mobile data connection, complete it and submit your time to see how you compare with other players worldwide. More than 30,000 unique players every week are already enjoying this daily Sudoku challenge. Can you top the leaderboards?

Sudoku of the Day includes 1 puzzle each day at 6 difficulty levels from Beginner through to Diabolical, and includes manual or automatic pencilmarks, a smart hint system, and hold & highlight, which enables you to highlight specific numbers or pencilmarks.

In-App Purchases are available in the iOS and Android versions:

to remove advertising from the game
to buy packs of extra puzzles when you have extra free time or want to play without a data connection
to unlock all the features found in Astraware Sudoku including an unlimited supply of puzzles, a puzzle solver, to enter your own puzzles, and remove advertising.

The NOOK version (Astraware Sudoku) is a deluxe paid version and comes with all features completely unlocked.

More Astraware Sudoku Features

Easy-to-navigate menu system for finding and changing options
Full tutorial introducing you to the basics of how to solve Sudoku
Enter your pencilmarks manually, or use the Auto pencilmark feature (optional at any time)
Notepad overlay on touchscreen devices allows you to make your own notes
Beautiful graphics and subtle effects
Integrated Sudoku solver:
Provides hints on what techniques to apply to find a number…rather than just giving you the answer!
Can solve any “true” Sudoku (true Sudoku can be solved by logic alone by using the right techniques – no guessing required)
Rates the difficulty of a Sudoku on more than just number of empty cells – takes into account the advanced Sudoku techniques needed to find a logical solution