Five brain-teasing word games in one easy-to-use pack!
  • 5 games in 1 easy to use pack
  • Full instructions on how to play
  • Multiple difficulty levels and play modes
  • Choice of graphic themes – pick your favourite
  • Original music soundtracks by Jon Weinel

Where to get it

Word games is not currently available as it is awaiting a major update to support new devices and OS versions.

If you’re a fan of word games and want something to burn time when you’re waiting for an appointment or bored on a flight, Astraware Word Games is well worth the money. It’s also a fun way to test your word skills every day.


Love word games? Then look no further – Astraware Word Games is a brain-teasing pack of 5 different word games in 1 easy to use pack!

Each game has a choice of difficulty levels or grid sizes and options for Classic untimed or Timed games. All 5 games include instructions and tips on how to play!

The 5 games are:

Shuffle – Make as many words as you can with the letters provided including the 5, 6 or 7 letter target word to unlock the next level. The more small words you get, the bigger your score. Use the Shuffle button to mix the letters up and help yourself spot more words!

Hexxed – Make words by tracing your finger through the tiles to make a chain within the hexagonal grid! Two play modes – limited tiles or limited time. Create long, interesting or unusual words to keep your word power score up and earn more tiles or time!

Wordsearch – Find all the listed words within the grid of letters, horizontally vertically, or diagonally! Play using the standard dictionary, or choose from over 20 special lists of themed words!

Gridlock – Make words by tracing your fingers through the letters to make a chain. As you make words this lights up the tiles. Light up the whole grid to level up! Use special tiles to boost your word power, score bonus points and more.

Spellmaster – Challenge your spelling skills against words of increasing difficulty. Choose the correct spelling from a choice of 4 words, 3 of which are misspelled!

Latest Update

Version 1.30 (October 2015) brings a number of improvements!

  • Updated dictionary with over 150,000 words and associated definitions
  • Refined the settings of the words that are filtered by the Kid Safe option
  • Fixes to WordSearch submission – now you can compete online again!
  • Faster Facebook connection
  • Updated to support a wide range of new devices with larger resolutions, app will either support the new size natively, or will scale up from the most appropriate resources it has available to try to fill the screen.
  • OS version fixes throughout, now supports latest Android version 5+ and iOS version 9+
  • Doodles make better use of the screen space
  • An additional music track added to the game for more variety
  • Many many small fixes!