Our game tests for Apple devices use TestFlight for a delivery mechanism – that way you can get the test version delivered directly onto your device, and also get a message when there’s a new version available to test.  What’s more, it automates sending us feedback of anything that goes wrong with the app (not that such a thing would ever happen!) which really makes it easier for us to track down the cause.

We sometimes have more than one game available for testing, if so, select the game you’re interested in trying from the drop-down below! (You can sign up for as many as you wish, thankfully we’re no longer so limited in how many testers we can include!)

Signing up here adds you as a user for the game, but you won’t receive an invitation straight away – that’ll only happen when we upload a new build for the game, so you’ll be able to get the next upload.

Please select a game and enter your details to add yourself to the tester list at Apple. Please also join our Beta Test group, and leave your comments and replies to the relevant post on the Astraware Betatest Facebook group.