Astraware Word Games uses a word list that comes from a range of sources.

For the definitions of these words, we use Wiktionary as the source, which we have parsed into a very lightweight and simplified set of definitions to go alongside Astraware Word Games for its lookup.

This is an open content dictionary, where the definitions are contributed by people from around the world, and is available for free use, as it is shared under a Creative Commons (Attribution Share Alike) license.

Primarily we have removed any unusual characters and HTML links so that it is a much smaller download and displays correctly within Word Games with a standard font character set.

We (Astraware) apply our own discretion to which words we include in our word list (we don’t include particularly rare words, and do our best to exclude words whose principle meaning is likely to be offensive to some), so not all definitions are imported, but other than that we do not modify the definitions.

In most cases, we aren’t the author of any particular definition (we have fixed up a couple here and there!), so if you spot any which you believe to be incorrect, you can be a Wiktionary contributor and make appropriate edits to correct it – that way everyone benefits!

As this is a share-alike license, we are happy to share our parsed/reduced/reformatted version of the list, which we have in the form of a database table (sqlite), with a bespoke markup that Word Games uses to format the display for the in game ‘dictionary’ book. Please contact us if this is something you would like (as per the terms of the license!)